Published October 2, 2011 by fitflo

Yesterday I did an 8 mile run at 8am in the morning. I don’t even get up that early for work but I wanted to get out before it got too hot. It was a fab mix of road and trail running, up and down hils, with some breathtaking views of the local area – I forget how lucky I am living in this location. We’re a 25 min train journey away from London, 5 minutes from an airport, a 30 min car ride from a great shopping centre and most importantly it’s just a 5 minute run to glorious countryside where I can run through woods, across fields, along bridle paths and down windy country lanes.

This time next week I’ll have finished another half marathon. I am looking forward to the run, as with the cooler temperature (current forecast is 17 and cloudy) I should be able to beat my time from last week. I know that Alma is looking for a PB in this one, so this will be more of a solo effort for me (except perhaps for Rachel or anyone else who wants me to pace them to 11m 30 miles for the first few). I have spent 2 hours today putting together a playlist to keep me motivated but I can’t decide on the order to play them in. I think I might just put it on shuffle and let the fates decide!

Today, we picked up this little bundle of fun as an addition to our family. I suspect hours will be lost around him in the next few months. Welcome Oliver.


13 comments on “I feel AWESOME!

  • What a cute kitten! He’s gorgeous. There is a very cute and we think homeless kitten near me and it is taking a lot of resolve not to adopt it. Cute pictures like this don’t help!!
    Awesome running too, fancy shoes and well done on the VLM. Wowsers.

  • Ahh he is just too cute!!
    You are so right, sometimes one forgets how lucky we are to live where we do, well done on your run!
    Hey, as for next week, I am definitely planning to run 11:30 with you for at least the first 10 to 11 miles, then we are both going for a PB ok? 🙂
    If we can get to mile 10 in 1:54 like we did last time, then speed up to just under 11 minute miles, that will get us there for 2:15 – 2:20 which is what I am aiming for
    Thank goodness it wasnt today !!

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