Just another Thursday

Published October 6, 2011 by fitflo

Not much to report, did a tempo run last night with Elaine – 3.3m, the fast bits were fast (10m something miles) but we walked the inbetween bits so avgoverall was 11m 40. I took my new garmin out for a test drive, but I hadn’t read the instruction manual and couldn’t work it so I’m going to try again tomorrow…I really must start keeping the owners manuals!

Getting v nervous about Sunday again now but as long as I stick to my pace I know I can get round – particularly if it stays cool. Although, I have it on good authority that as @helsieboo is running it there will be a heatwave over Hyde Park on Sunday between approximately 9am and 1pm…

Tonight, I am mostly looking at Marathon Training Plans, particularly ones where the long run is on a Saturday as I hate leaving my long run til a Sunday – it just seems to hang over me like a hammer of doom… I’m also reading the 1st chapter of the book my wonderful blogging friend Shaz sent me when she found out I was in VLM. Which I thought was very gracious of her as I entered 2 ballots in my 1st proper year of running and got into both (although it was my 4th VLM entry) whilst she got in err..neither!

Probably won’t blog again until the RPH race report so I hope you all have a good weekend. Good luck to anyone doing the Liverpool Marathon, Peterborough Half or indeed any other races or runs.

Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop. 

Lewis Carroll


17 comments on “Just another Thursday

  • New Garmin? Get you, fancy gadget woman!
    I run along with one of those wheels attached to a stick that clicks every metre like we used at school to check actual distance after we’d first estimated the length of the school field… That’s how high-tech I am.

  • Don’t forget to stop at the end, that bit’s very important unless you fancy doing a dry run of the marathon. Good luck on Sunday!

  • I’d definitely second Travelling Hopefully’s comment AND don’t forget to charge it up the night before. A couple of times I’ve got to a race switched on my Garmin and then noticed it said low batteries!

  • ooh, have only just seen which book it is! and can highly recommend it.. I used it last year
    The message is so simple, just look at finishing, time does not matter. And the training plan is so easy to follow
    I will bring you another book on Sunday, it is called ‘The Non Runner’s Marathon Guide for Women’ and is absolutely hilarious! It is the story of a total couch potato who decided to run a marathon 🙂

  • Really hope that the half marathon went well for you. Looking forward to reading about it, and will also be really interested to hear what you think of the Garmin….

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