A day of mixed messages

Published October 14, 2011 by fitflo

Yesterday was a day of great news and not so great news.

The great news was that at 12.10am I became an Aunty to little Ethan Roger, who arrived in the world weighing a whopping 9lb 5ozs. I will be going to see him on Sunday so expect pics on Mondays blog!

The not so great news is that I have Achilles Tendonitis. The physio isn’t sure how severe – I need to go for a scan, but I can’t run for at least 3 weeks, I’ll be having ultrasound every 4 days and I am on active rest which means walking is OK in moderation, cycling isn’t, I can do some weight training but not too much on my legs – pretty much the only thing I can do to build up a sweat is swim.

The closest public pool to me is only 4 miles away. Result, you would think – until you see it. It’s falling apart (they have a net to catch plaster falling off the ceiling but it doesn’t always work) and it’s filthy – thankfully they are building a brand spanking new one that is 2 miles closer to home, but is not opening until July next year. So I have forked out a massive £250 to join my local David Lloyd for 3 months, as its the only gym wihtin a 15 mile radius with a decent pool and a 3 rather than a 12 month contract. I’m not best pleased about it and neither is hubby but I have promised  him I will use it enough to make it cost effective. It costs £3 per session to swim and £5 for an exercise class at the council sports centre, so as long as I swim 3 times go to 3 classes a week I’ll be quids in….hm….



12 comments on “A day of mixed messages

  • Congratulations, Auntie Flo! Remember that an aunt’s duty is to buy rattles, drums and sweets 😉 As for the swimming, maybe you can follow in runtezza’s wake and swim the virtual channel while your Achilles heals.

  • Pictures of Ethan please 🙂 how is mum and dad doing? Good luck with the swimming, excellent idea Louise! Swim the channel! Take care and look after that achilles xx

  • Congratulations Aunty!
    Bad new about the achilles – lets hope the Physio is being very cautious and you get the all clear by the end of your planned rest. Enjoy swimming in your clean and expensive pool, that reminds me I’d better go to mine!

  • buggerations about the ankle. Listen to the physio though and don’t come back too soon – I have permanent tendonitis in my wrist from an old rowing injury and it flares up whenever I do anything that it decides it doesn’t like. Pain in the, well wrist actually, so take your time and enjoy swimming and doing some other stuff.

  • Congratulations on your nephew — how lovely. And enjoy being one of the beautiful people at David Lloyd — 250 quid well spent I would say! Happy swimming. I count myself really lucky having access to a decent pool at the local university — why are public ones sometimes so dire?

  • My achilles has been what I can only describe as ‘grumpy’ for ages. When I get up in the morning it hurts like mad and I hobble around but gradually wears off during the morning.

    I’ve been wearing flat shoes for ages being Summer, flip-flops etc. but this past weekend I wore heels every day for various reasons. It’s just dawned on me that I got up this morning to absolutely no pain at all in my achilles.

    Now I don’t expect that this would be a treatment recommended by a physio, but wearing heels for a few hours a day might possible help you. Just a though. x

  • Congratulations and well done you for taking the bold call to spend £££ on what is something that you love doing – i.e. exercising and having fun. £250/3 = not cheap but use the opportunity to make the most of classes, swims, jacuzzi/sauna/steam room, 1:1 fitness programme making, smoothies etc and complementary fluffy towels. Who knows it might inspire you to take up something entirely unexpected! x

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