@bio-synergy week 3 – progress so far…

Published October 17, 2011 by fitflo

Okay it’s the end of week 3. In my head, by now I was going to be AT LEAST 9 lbs lighter having lost 12 inches and with my running speed down to sub 11 minute miles.

Ahem.   Best laid plans and all that…

In actual fact, the best way for me to describe the 1st 3 weeks on the bio-synergy challenge is that it gave me the energy to survive running 2 half marathons 13 days apart, and I really don’t know how I would have done that if I had not been on the challenge. I have had a lot of help with my nutrition and training, and coupled with the products I think this enabled me to recover enough that I was able to complete the 2nd one just 17 seconds (bah!) slower than the 1st one. Unfortunately I have picked up an injury (tendonitis in my Achilles – a common overuse injury in new runners and hopefully will only out me out for 3-4 weeks) however I have tried not to let this slow me down too much.

Weight: I have lost 3 lbs. I know I shouldn’t be disappointed with this but I was a little bit, until I got honest with myself. I was probably only following the nutrition and training plan 50% in week 1, 65% in week two and I think I got up to about 80% adherence last week. So actually a 3lb loss is pretty good, and I must be changing fat into muscle because….

Cm lost: 15.5! I am VERY happy with that – if that continues that will be 60 cms or TWO FOOT off in 12 weeks!! AWESOME!

Food: I have struggled. I have had sneaky spoonfuls of icecream, and a couple of chips or a slice of bread, that have not made it onto my food diary because it wasn’t on my plate so technically I didn’t really eat it (and I am ashamed). I have however broken my addiction to Diet Coke (I was drinking 1 litre + a day) and I feel much better for it – I actually fall asleep when I go to bed now!

Training: My training plan is to run 4 times a week and do a weight session 3 times a week. Unfrotunately the running is out at the moment, but I will substitute with swimming and add an extra weight session to supplement it. I am REALLY enjoying the weight/resistance part as that is something I would never have done without encouragement.

Supplements: I am taking 4 main supplements: Thermogen, Body Perfect, CLA and Pinnothin. At the moment I can’t pick out which one is having the most effect on me, but I am starting to notice the differences as I eat less and will try to give you a bit more idea down the line.

Drinks: Skinny water is AMAZEBALLS!! Whether you drink the bottle or the concentrate it REALLY DOES WORK! It stops me getting hungry between meals, not sure I could have stuck to the plan so well had I not had it. Also the skinny protein shakes are DELISH – I now have breakfast every day using them as a base and making either a fruit or oatmeal smoothie. And I NEVER used to have brekkie.

Overall I feel much better for using the products and am starting to notice a difference in my body – if I eat crap I feel MUCH worse than I ever used to, so much so that I actually think twice before eating to make sure it is something I definitely want and that I am prepared to live with feeling rubbish if I feed myself rubbish. Despite my injury I am optimistic for the next 9 weeks, I think it has taken me this time to make gradual changes and I will be much more likely to stick to them.

I have been taking pictures every 10 days or so and will post a pic diary at the end of the challenge showing my (hopefully dramatic) body shrinkage!! IN the meantime check back regularly for updates.



6 comments on “@bio-synergy week 3 – progress so far…

  • I was wondering only yesterday how you were getting on. 15cms is awesome!! As is breaking your brown drink addiction. Well done. Although diet coke is allowed on paleo I’ve also cut it out and it does definitely make a difference (although difficult to quantify when you make so many changes huh?)

  • Well done, sounds like you’re doing brilliantly and reaping the benefits, keep up the good work! Sorry to hear about your tendonitis in your achilles, hopefully it just needs a well deserved rest after all you’ve been putting it through of late! 🙂

  • wow!!! 15.5 – well done you, that is amazing, and I agree with the other comments about cm over weight. As you know we are doing a fat club at work, and the weirdest thing is that I put on 3lbs yet my fat% went down and my muscle mass% went up, yet I lost cm.. so I think just looking at weight loss is not an accurate picture at all. I am hoping to be between somewhere between 9 stone and 9 and a half stone when I do Brighton next year, I was 10 and a half when I did the last one! I am sure it will make a difference to my time 🙂
    The skinny water and shakes sound good, I wouldnt mind giving them a try, can one order it oon line?
    have a fab weekend and lots of cuddles to Ethan and Oliver xx

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