In which I admit I MISSED the gym

Published October 17, 2011 by fitflo

When I started running in January, one of the reasons was because I resented paying £75 a month for a gym that, in all honesty, I was only using once or twice a week. However, with me not being able to run at the moment, and all Marathon training plans recommending at least one cross training day plus core strengthening like yoga or pilates, I decided to rejoin my local David Lloyd. I got suckered into signing up and paying for a year (it worked out so much cheaper than the £250 for 3 months deal) but I think it was worth every penny. When I walked in friday I was greeted with a hullo and a hug from the lady on reception who said she had missed our chats and my banter in the BodyVive class, and climbing into the hot tub after a swim was like being embraced by an old friend…bliss. I know it’s shameful but there it is!

To sum up my workouts – Saturday 30 mins resistance followed by 25 min swim alternating front crawl and breast stroke (40 lengths) followed by a lovely sauna and jacuzzi (at least 15 mins in each). My Achilles was sore all day yesterday so this morning I was up BEFORE the lark at 5.35am – being a one car family if I wanted to go to the gym I had to get a lift with hubby on his way to work as he is a postie and needs the car for his rounds. So up I got and was in the gym rowing away at 6.10am – ARE YOU LISTENING SHAZ!! My swimming left a lot to be desired – I’m a little out of practice and could only wonder what nickname Tezza would come up with for me if he were there. The Thrash Monkey was probably the closest to describe todays, lots of effort anbd splashing but not getting very far!

Still at least I am doing something, even if it’s far less than my body is used to it is better than nothing. Luckily my marathon plan is not scheduled to start properly until the 1st November so with a little luck and lots of ultrasound I should be back pounding the pavements by then.


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