And the verdict is…

Published October 27, 2011 by fitflo

I am weak and feeble! Well, my ankles are anyway. I have always known this as I have an affliction known as ‘collapsible ankle’.

Picture this, there I am walking along the high street, in flats, sober, in the middle of the day on a completely flat and level surface and boom, over my ankle goes and me nearly with it. Now imagine how much worse that is if you add alcohol and heels! I have had collapsible ankles for as long as I can remember – it’s an in joke with my hubby and close friends how often I fall over, well er nothing, but I never quite connected that with my achilles issue – dur!

As you can imagine I was demanding, impatient and probably the worst client anyone can wish for (I certainly wouldn’t want to be my physio). As soon as I arrived, I announced I DID NOT WANT orthotics, that I had rested for two weeks and that was plenty and that she had better fix me so that I can start my marathon training on the 7th November. Luckily, she was very calm, professional and knowlegdable and soon put me in my place.

I have some strengthening exercises and stretches to help make my ankles less collapsible. Currently, I am putting 60% of my weight onto my right side and only 40% on my left when I am walking normally, and I don’t use the side of my foot or my toes – FREAK!

I need orthotics – the most damage is done when I’m NOT in running shoes which makes sense as I wear non running shoes 95% of the time. I asked if it was possible to not have them, she said yes as long as I didn’t want to run again…nuff said.

I can’t run for 4 – 6 weeks, nor can I do lunges or squats, however I am allowed to go to spinning as it’s non weight bearing so I’m a little more confident that I’ll be able to maintain CV fitness for when I can start my training plan.

I didn’t realise just how big a part of my life running has become until I got this prognosis (is that the right word…hm not sure, it’s late…anyhoo…). When she said I can’t run for 4-6 weeks I cried. I was sooooo embarrassed – imagine crying just because you’ve been told you can’t run for 6 weeks! I felt a bit of an idiot, but I’m still a bit choked now, I am missing my hubby (he’s on a boys trip in Vegas) as he knows how much running means to me and would give me a big hug and a glass of wine and say just the right things to make me feel better. I can’t open a bottle of wine just for one glass as I hate leaving a bottle half empty and so I’d probably end up drinking the whole bottle and that would be really bad on a middle of the week school night wouldn’t it???







14 comments on “And the verdict is…

  • Awww… Crumbs! I can well imagine it Carla. Don’t think you’re daft for crying at all, it’s like being excited about meeting up with an old friend… and then being told they can’t make it cos they’re ill. Hope you get to meet up soon.
    And well done for giving it the time required 🙂

  • Oh honey, don’t worry I’m sure I would cry and grump but the time will fly and you’ll be even more enthusiastic when you get to start again.
    (I think that you would have had a valid reason to open a bottle, I would/have!)

  • Sending you a great big bear hug!

    All is not lost, SOLE has insoles that will fit 90% of your footwear, so you won’t have to be relegated to your running shoes all day long. You know, I had the same issue with my ankles before I started working for SOLE. I didn’t realise that by simply putting your foot in a neutral position, and having the base of your foot 100% in contact with the insoles (footwear) increases your proprioception and your ankles don’t give away anymore. Why don’t you give me a ring to see what we can do to help you recover, and stay running. 0845 644 3742 ext 2 Kris

  • Oh Carla, how frustrating. You must be so upset. However, you know that you have to follow the physio’s advice or you’ll end up not running at all. You’ve got the nice gym to go to now so you can take advantage of that and do what you can there. The time will fly by and if you’re careful it’ll be only 4 weeks not 6. Big hugs to you. xxxxx

  • Open the wine!

    I feel your pain. Rubbish news, but a bit of cross training will help keep the CV fitness up and you’ll probably end up stronger and fitter as a result. Look for the positives (and a half full glass of plonk!)

  • Oh I’m glad you got lots of virtual hugs from the blogging world. It’s amazing how much something can become part of your world even when it’s just going for a run!! I have my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery!

  • Oh big hugs from me too. ….. But.. also a big pinch of salt to maybe soften your news from a fellow sufferer, wobbly ankled person and high heel faller off-er….

    IMHO and the way I have interpreted things for me is – Yes, when you are training hard(or putting max stress on your running feet and legs) and while you are re-strengthening your lower limbs, you will need to follow the letter of the law and look after your ankles with orthotics. I have even found some which fit in ballet flats and light weight sports ones which work in my minamalist running shoes.
    The rest of the time when we not upping milaege or training hard and getting plently of rest days I’m sure my 80:20 rule on life applies. So if we are careful (and can actually can walk in them) wearing heels and siliy shoes should be OK some days, just don’t run a marathon the next day! Going barefoot at home helps me too, x

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