Oooh – where has the last week gone?

Published November 5, 2011 by fitflo

Dear followers

I am sorry I have been absent the last week – you see the thing is I have been busy! Last weekend my husband was away so I made the most of having the car – I took my Nan out for lunch, went to a Halloween party and went to see my little nephew Ethan for more cuddles. I have also been going to the gym LOADS! In the last week I have swum a mile twice, done 3 weights/resistance sessions, did my first spinning class AND this morning I went for a 14 mile bike ride with a group of runners from club. It was lovely being out in the crisp morning air and working up a sweat.

How have I been able to do all this with my achilles problem I hear you ask? Well on Monday I got some insoles dellivered from YOURSOLEUK and they are amazing! I really can’t believe the difference they have made. I have a thin casual pair for my normal day to day shoes and a pair of the signature DK Response which I have put in my trainers. I can feel that my ankles are much straighter when I am wearing them, and along with the ankle strengthening exercises the physio have given me, my ankles feel stronger and I am NO LONGER IN PAIN – whoop whoop!  I have a really high arch that has never had contact with my shoes so it was wierd at first wearing the insoles, however now I’ve got used to them I’m even wearing my shoes around the house because my feet feel so much more comfortable. And the best thing about them is the Physio checked them and said to give them a couple of weeks and if they work for me I DON’T NEED TO ORDER EXPENSIVE ORTHOTICS! Woohoo!! So, early indications are good – but the real test is will they make enough of a difference for me to start running again within the next 4 weeks….watch this space.

I also got a Carnation Pediroller courtesy of Helen and have started using it. I had some foot pain which the physio said was as a result of my achilles issue, so I have the roller under my desk at work and use it throughout the day. Hopefully this will all help strengthen my feet and ankles and get me running ASAP. I do like foot massages and in a wierd way rolling my foot seems to relieve my stress!

I hope you enjoy Bonfire night – I’ll be staying in looking after this one tonight, although I have a feling he’ll be fine…


7 comments on “Oooh – where has the last week gone?

  • Sounds like you are doing really well whilst out of running. In answer to your question – not sure what did my knee, think it might have been inflamed from running, then really hurt kicking in Tai-Bo, then made worse by me being an idiot and keeping on going and actually increasing how much training I was doing, despite it hurting a lot. Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hey ho, one week of no activity down, one to go!!

    Oliver is gorgeous!

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