@BioSynergy 12 week challenge – half way review

Published November 9, 2011 by fitflo

6 weeks in, and I’m doing better in some areas than in other.

The most frustrating thing is not being able to run and workout properly. I can’t run, I can’t walk long distances, I can’t do lunges, squats or anything else that might put any stress on my ankles. It SUCKS. And actually although I am disappointed that I’ve only lost 4lbs, I should be delighted I haven’t gained weight and stoked that I have lost 28.5cms. The products from Biosynergy are definately helping me to stick to a healthy eating plan, and I will continue to use most of them after the 12 weeks is up.


The eating plan is quite strict and I’m finding it VERY hard to stick to. I’m not a planner when it comes to food. I like a lot of variety in my diet and in an ideal world I would graze throughout the day which is what I do on holiday and I ALWAYS lose weight when I’m off work! The reality, particularly on a working day, ends up very different – I often have little or no breakfast, grab a quick lunch and then stuff my face when I get home. My diet is the thing I’ve struggled with the most, and I know this is what is preventing me from losing weight. I think it is better than it was, but I have a lot of work to do – mostly on making sure I snakc regularly so that I don’t end up starving and grab the nearest thing (sometimes a sandwich, rarely the good stuff I’m supposed to eat!).


Like I said I am frustrated I’ve not been able to do much, however I have rediscovered spin classes (awesome!), swimming and cycling as an alternative to running. The weight/resistance sessions have also been a complete change for me and I enjoy them – I’ll be rivalling Jodi Marsh in no time (ew – not really – I think that is a bit extreme although being an Essex girl am totally digging the fake tan…NOT!).


The Skinny Protein Shakes are really thick and tasty, the strawberry one is just like drinking a milkshake, and they are a really easy breakfast. They have the exact amount of protein that I need for breakfast too, so with a spoon of milled flaxseed and a piece or 2 of fruit, this has become my most nutritionally correct and balanced meal of the day – it’s all downhill after that! The skinny water is a GODSEND for keeping hunger at bay between meals, and when I remember to take the Thermogen 30 minutes before I eat (I do forget) I find I eat less. I intend to carry on using some of the supplements after the 12 weeks are up (dependant on cost), as I do have rather a lot of weight to lose I think this is more likely a 24 – 36 week challenge for me!

6 weeks still to go and I’ve set myself the challenge to lose another 10lbs and 24cms. It’s all in the food baby…that’s my focus for the second half of the challenge.


3 comments on “@BioSynergy 12 week challenge – half way review

  • Well done you. Sounds like a tough challenge, particularly with no running. I have to say that the thing that made all the difference to me weight loss wise was when I planned what I ate. I felt in control and I knew I’d be eating enough not to get hungry and crack. It also meant I had a very strict shopping list for the supermarket so I didn’t have bad things in the house. A total pain in the arse to start with but it got easier and made a massive difference! Good luck!!

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