RAR!! HOW much longer til I can run??

Published November 9, 2011 by fitflo

Yes yes, I’ve done a spin class, I’ve cycled some more, I’ve done some weights BUT WHEN CAN I RUN AGAIN?!?!? I AM GOING NUTS!!!!!

Physio has given me lots of ankle strengthening exercises (it’s definately less an achilles issue and more a weak ankle problem) which I have to do at least twice a day, along with glute work (I DO have a saggy bottom). The insoles I got from YOURSOLEUK are helping to straighten my ankles and walk properly and I have no pain now (execpt when the physio manipulates). BUT SHE WON’T GIVE ME A TIMESCALE. Whenever I aks how long til I can run again, she just says “Let’s see how you get on with this weeks exercises”. GRRRRRRRR.

Thank goodness I have a cool girly weekend planned with Alma, Sue and Louise in Cardiff. Sue and I will be watching with envy cheering Alma and Louise round the Cardiff Parkrun, then no doubt we will all drink some wine and eat some tasty food and share some stories and generally have a chilled out weekend. If I forgot to say on Sunday, Sue I had a really good time this weekend…(brownie points for naming the film that (sort of) line was nicked from).


6 comments on “RAR!! HOW much longer til I can run??

  • Feel your pain! The physio just told me that as 2 weeks of rest seemed to have made a difference so…. I should have another 2 weeks of TOTAL rest. GAH! Am going completely mad!

  • Totally feel your pain! Have just been told by the physio that as 2 weeks of total inactivity have helped, I should do another 2. Not even allowed to swim. Grumpy would not even come close! Stick at the exercises and I hope it heals soon!

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