Ooooooh soon be Christmas!

Published November 19, 2011 by fitflo

Yesterday saw the OH and I head down to London for a day of fun to mark the end of our rather lazy week off together. We’ve used the week to get all those things done that you just don’t have time to do in normal life – I’ve organised all our digital files, put all our paper photos (remember those?!?) into albums or frames, and orderd some long overdue wedding albums.

Exercise wise, I have attended a grand total of one spin class and done an hours swimming, Not ideal but I have been doing my ankle strengthening exercises twice daily and the great news is that the physio thinks I may be able to start running again next week. My task was to try and fit at least 2 long walks in this week (4 miles plus) to see how my ankle holds up. Back to yesterday, we headed into London to do a bit of sightseeing, meet up with some friends and generally have a good time whilst walking at least 4 miles to test my ankle (no pain today – yay!). We started out at Green Park feeding the squirrels – yes I know they are mean because they drove out all of the proper British squirrels, but it’s fun. Here is a particularly bold one…

From Green Park we walked through St James Park, down to Embankment and over to the South Bank where there is a fabulous German Christmas Market with a carousel and lots of mulled wine and food stalls. But it’s too early to be talking about Christmas so here is a pic of me on a non-seasonal form of entertainment available throughout the year and on other holidays like Easter and stuff but I’m not sure you would go to find one at Easter because these days I only see these at the Christmas specific German Markets that seem to spring up around major towns like London and Birmingham. *other towns are available I just haven’t ever been to Christmas specific German Markets at any other than London or Birmingham.


3 comments on “Ooooooh soon be Christmas!

  • Ha ha… We have a Christmas German market too.. Well, I might be narrowing down the nationalities at the market there, I’m pretty sure I had some Dutch pancakes at the last one… Anyway… Sounds like a fun day! 🙂

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