Sunday Sunday

Published November 21, 2011 by fitflo

I had a fabulous hangover free day yesterday. I did the last garden tidy up before it gets too cold and discovered we have a family of hedgehogs nesting under one of our bushes. I also did some resistance circuits in our conservatory state of the art gym, then went for a 4 mile power walk whilst the OH spent the day fighting off a hangover – yes I felt smug!

The reason for my abstinence was the email I got from VLM during the week reminding me that it’s only 22 weeks until D-Day – I thought I should try to get into the healthy habit and start limiting my drinking nights to one a month (although that might be hard with Christnas Party season coming up…). I used the time to catch up on everyones blogs and of course playing with Oliver is always a welcome distraction.

Fingers crossed the physio will give me the all clear to start running again on Thursday then its game on!

Here’s your weekly dose of Ollie cuteness:



13 comments on “Sunday Sunday

  • What a good girl you are. VLM count down is a bit like madams on how many days till 25/12 well has some result in creating in me utter panic combined the thought ‘OMG will I be ready!’ Fingers crossed for this weeks physio visit, hope she gives you the news you want. XX

  • Oliver is just far too cute! He looks like he is smiling in the photo
    Really hope the physio gives you the all clear, and a big well done to you for finding alternative ways to keep fit.. When I had my achilles problem earlier in the year, I did absolutely nothing 🙂

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