Oooo 2nd day blogged in a row…

Published November 22, 2011 by fitflo

I’m trying to get back into the daily blogging habit just in case I fancy doing Janathon, I’m not sure if I’m going to participate at the moment as it might impede my Marathon training. As jogblog (miss Janathon herself) is also running VLM I may take my lead from her as I was always a follower at school – if she does it I’ll do it!

Anyhoo, I’ve decided to switch my non-running training to mornings, as the last thing I feel like doing when I finish work at 7pm is dragging my ass to the gym. As regular followers will know, I’m no Shaz…5.30am has previously only been on my radar as a bedtime, not a getting up time, so it will be a struggle. However the smugness I felt sitting at my desk at 8.50am this morning knowing I had already completed a pretty impressive 2 hour workout (if I do say so myself!) whist my colleagues were moaning about the exercise classes they have to go to after work was worth it!

On a slightly different note, have I raved lately about how AWESOME I think the yoursoleuk insoles are. If I am able to run again from Thursday I think its is 80% down to twearing them and 20% rest and exercise. For people who overpronate and suffer ankle/achilles issues, I can’t recommend them highly enough. You might be thinking, oh she got them for free blah blah, but that is not why I am mentioning them, I’ve already published a review. Please take a look at their website – if nothing more, for the sake of £35 you could save yourself the pain of an injury and the anguish of not being able to run – I certainly wish I’d found out about them earlier.

Todays Exercise

30 mins stationary bike – 8 m

20 mins treadmill – walking hills 2 m

10 mins cross trainer – not sure how far – it bored the pants off me

60 mins weights/resistance/stretching




10 comments on “Oooo 2nd day blogged in a row…

    • Ps… I will defo be doing some southern races… I’ll let you know as soon as I’ve picked them… If you have any you’d recommend, let me know… Would love the company on them! 🙂

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