I’ve worked it out…

Published December 3, 2011 by fitflo

…I think my physio knows if she tells me I can do a little bit I do too much, so when she told me to do nothing on Monday and scared me into thinking I would not be able to run within the foreseeable future, she was saying that so I really would give my ankle the rest it needed to recover.

I went to see her on Friday and she pronounce me fixed! As long as I keep up my strengthening and stretching 3 times a day, and ease myself back into running over the next couple of weeks, she says I should be able to complete VLM fine – hurrah and huzzah!

I did a 1.75m, 20 minute run on Friday night after work and it felt GREAT! I was quick (I think that was down to the Prospeed skechers and Yoursole insoles – both blogged about previously), I ran all the way to the top of a hill I have never conquered before, and felt really strong. I’m conscious I need to ease myself in, so 1st 3 runs back will be 30 mins, next three 45 mins and so on…

This morning I got up at the crack of dawn (7.50am) to join a couple of running buddies on my bike. The plan was an hour and a half and 9 miles, we ended up being out for 2 and a half hours and 15 miles! I’d love to say we chose to go longer, but we actually got lost and even my iphone could only tell us we were in the middle of nowhere! It was a challenging bike ride – mostly off road, mostly uphill on grass or through very muddy fields…I looked (and felt) like I had done a mini-grim by the time I got back. But it was a wonderful morning and it felt good to be out and about. Here are a couple of pics..

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22 sleeps to Christmas which means it’s only 29 sleeps til Janathon – YAY!




4 comments on “I’ve worked it out…

  • Building back up graduay sounds like great advice. I could probably do with doing something like that myself….. It’s easier said than done, isn’t it?

  • wow that looks amazing! am really keen to join you for a long run in March if those are the views 🙂 so happy your run went well. Really missed you this morning, poached eggs on toast not the same without some good company! Was remembering last time we were there, you showed me pictures of Oliver as ‘the kitten you may get’ and now look, he has taken over your house LOL

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