Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

Published December 20, 2011 by fitflo

God I’ve been a miserable cow for the last 10 weeks. I had a flick through my posts whilst I’ve been  injured and it’s all moan, whinge, moan…how have you all put up with me?

Tonight I am back to my happy, sparkly, jolly self. Why? BECAUSE I CAN RUN AGAIN, AND I DID!! YIPPEE, HURRAH, HUZZAH!

My last proper run was the Royal Parks Half Marathon on the 9th October. Since then I have run just once – 1.5m on the day I got the OK to run again, the day before I fell ill with a chest infection that was followed by full on sinisitus and necesitated 2 lots of antibiotics and lots of rest. Although I am still full of mucus (sorry if it’s TMI) it’s only in my head, so, using the rule that if it’s above the chest it’s OK to run, I donned my trainers and did a 3 mile run. I’ll admit it was on the treadmill because I didn’t think my lungs were up to the cold, but either way it felt GREAT! I feel GREAT! It was GREAT! Running is GREAT! Life is GREAT!!


PS I blame my moods and my illnesses on my enforced break from running: no stress relief = run down and moody Flo… It won’t happen again.

Todays Stats

Run: 3m – 12m16s pace

Lots of stretching (which is my new years resolution as part of my injury prevention plan)


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