Long morning run

Published December 28, 2011 by fitflo

I’ve been feeling a bit, well, I think nervous is the best way to describe it, lately. I’ve had 10 weeks out with injury, it’s only 16 weeks Sunday til VLM and I felt like I was too far behind in my training and too out of practice to be in the shape I want to be by the London Marathon. The only way to fix it was to go for a long run so I met up with Wanda from running club at 8am this morning. She’s a no-nonsense Scotswoman in her 60s, she sets a good consistent 12m mile pace and she doesn’t take any excuses, so I knew she would make me run more than I would if I went out on my own.

It worked, I’m back home now having run 6.11m – it took me 1 hr 12 mins which is not a bad time considering that’s my longest run since October. In fact, with that time on no training I reckon I could be looking at a PB when I do the Regents Park 10k in 2 week – woohoo! It also leaves me just 10.4 miles to do by midnight Saturday to bring my total for the year up to 500 miles.

Just a reminder Sunday 8th January will see me at Regents Park for the Mornington Chasers 10k (one of a series of 6 races). I’m being joined by fellow 2011 Janathoners Alma and RachelLouise and Shaz and of course our special guest Maggie travelling all the way from Manchester. Afterwards we will be going to a nice little cafe down the road for coffee and breakfast, so if you’re free – why not come along? We’re all diferent speeds so no matter what your ability you’ll be able to run with one of us, and it’s a very well organised race. Click here to enter online and I’ll see you there!


6 comments on “Long morning run

  • Well done you. I’ve always found 16 weeks is plenty and most programmes start there. Don’t forget, you’ve had a good year of running (and those 10 weeks off will be worth it if you’ve allowed yourself to heal properly). Take it steady – I have every faith you’ll be at VLM 2012!

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