Bedford Park run and a target missed

Published January 1, 2012 by fitflo

Met Abradypus and ran my 2nd fastest parkrun at Bedford Saturday morning. I’m really chuffed with the time considering it’s only my 2nd week back from injury – thanks for being a great race partner Louise!

I’ve only done 3 different parkruns (which pales into insignificance compare to Abradypus’ 50) but this was my favourite so far. Firstly, it’s flat – brilliant. Secondly, it’s flat – always a plus. Thirdly, it’s flat – woohoo! Seriously though, its easy to park, the volunteers and marshalls were all very enthusiastic and it’s 2 and a bit laps are windy enough that it doesn’t feel too repetitive. My only criticism would be that the official results didn’t come out until gone 4pm, however that will not stop me visiting again.

I didn’t quite make my 500 mile target for the year. My achilles felt a bit niggly on Friday morning, I think 2 runs on the trot was maybe a bit too much too soon, so I decided not to run on Friday. I really went for it at the park run, we ran the whole way and sprinted the end (with Louise shouting encouragement behind me!) and I didn’t have anything left in my legs at the end. This meant 2011 ended on 496.4 miles run – not bad for my first year of running.

I’m looking forward to Janathon, although I’m only planning on running 4 times a week, I suspect my competitive nature will take over and I’ll end up trying to get in a run every day. Good luck to all Janathoners.


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