Janathon the 1st

Published January 1, 2012 by fitflo

Plan A – a 6 mile run home from our friends, was quickly dropped after a 3am finish last night and only 6 hours sleep (no hangover though – we stuck to bubbles and alternated water, sensible bods that we are).

Plan B – a 4 mile bimble when I got home to clear the cobwebs was also dropped in favour of slumping on the sofa after breakfast.

Plan C – an afternoon jaunt around my favourite country route, also dropped…for a nap with cat cuddles.

So Plan D was invoked, a 15 min, 1.29m  run round the block just to qualify for Janathon.

A very pathetic start to Janathon, but in my defense I am training for the London Marathon,  Sunday is my rest day and I am just back from injury!

Todays stats

Run: 1.29m


15 comments on “Janathon the 1st

  • I was going to say that flexibility is the key to the Athons, but runtezza has beaten me to it! I suppose if two of us say it then it must be true.

    You’re definitely wise taking it easy, we can’t have you injured for London!

  • It’s not a pathetic start at all! You’re training for the marathon as you say and it’s important to take it easy sometimes. You’ll be great in the VLM, sooooo looking forward to following your progress as you train.

  • Be careful with that achilles and best of luck for Janathon. Never be disappointed with a mile – rest days are sooooo important. Maybe cross training on Sundays would work if you can’t have your rest day?

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