Very sensible Flo…

Published January 2, 2012 by fitflo

Woke up to ankle still feeling a bit niggly, so decided not to push it. With VLM only 16 weeks away, I can’t have another 6/8/10 weeks out, so I’m being ultra careful. Instead of a run, walk. cycle or anything that puts pressure on it, for todays Janathon activity I did a core workout (lots of situps and ab cruches front and side) and then did the full set of ankle strengthening exercises prescribed by the physio – twice.

My running friends (both bloggers and ‘real life’ running buddies from club) have fallen into 2 very distinct camps around my injury. One group inisist that 16 weeks is plenty of time to get ready for a marathon, my ankle will be fine now I’ve rested it, and as long as I do the long runs I’ll be OK. The other are far more conservative, saying I need to do some hill and speed training and that if my ankle starts playing up I should defer my place to give me an extra year to prepare.

How do I feel? I’m sitting in both camps right now! In the last year, my 1st year of running, I’ve run a 10 mile race having only been running for 4 months (Sandy in April with another great running pal and pacer Shaz), a 10k race pretty much every month and the year culminated in 2 half marathon 2 weeks apart, with only 17 seconds difference in finishing times. I think if I can do that I can do anything. On the other hand, I’ve just had 10 weeks off running injured, this is only my 2nd week back and although I don’t seem to have lost too much of my running fitness judging by Saturdays 5k, 26.2m is a heck of a lot different to 5k and I’ve only got 16 weeks.

So, what to do? The plan is to carry on training as normal, including a weekly speed session and strength training and regular trips to the physio. I’ve started back on the biosynergy plan today which should give me the weight loss I need to speed up and increase my fitness.  I want to run the London marathon this year, with my head held high and enjoying every minute of it. But, if it get’s to a couple of weeks before and I don’t feel fit enough, I’ll have no qualms about deferring my place and maybe entering a low key autumn marathon…we’ll just have to see how it goes.

Todays Stats

Core work: 30 mins


12 comments on “Very sensible Flo…

  • If your ankle is now perfectly sound then you have enough time to train, as most schedules are for 16 weeks. I’m sure you will do well.

    However enjoying every minute of a marathon is wonderfully over-ambitious

  • I think that’s the best plan… I was out for 2 weeks during training from injury and only started training in January… It could be argued I needed more time and that’s why I struggled, but I think I would have struggled with the distance anyway! Saying that, I did it!!! Which means it certainly can be done! Main thing is confidence… If I learnt anything, it was that you’ve got to believe in yourself… You can do it flo… Look how far you’ve come so far.. So far in fact we need to know the ‘fortnight’ off your name!! 🙂 x

  • Very sensible to take it easy today. Like you say, much better to be taking the option to rest-up rather than being forced onto the sidelines. The first goal of any marathon is to make the start line. And no need to panic, you’ve got plenty of time. All the best with the training and the rest of Janathon! 🙂

  • Pacer? That has made me laugh! I am firmly in the camp that says you have time to train, I also agree with HighwayKind that to enjoy all of the 26.2 miles is VERY ambitious. On the flip side would love you to run with me next year!

  • Well done on the work out. A strong core is a great asset for any runner and helps avoid injury — at least that’s what my gym ball says! Hope your ankle behaves whatever you decide.

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