How long does it take…

Published January 6, 2012 by fitflo

…to get your fitness back after 8 weeks out? I felt great at saturdays parkrun, I even felt ok last night at club, but tonights run was HARD. I thought it was my lungs that would struggle, but my breathing was fine 1 second after slowing to a walk (I think giving up smoking has helped) so it wasn’t that…it turned out to be my legs. Like lead they were. Full of concrete even. Leaden and full of concrete. Like the mafia had done a hit on them. Hoping 10 hours sleep will fix it. Night night.

Todays Stats

Run: 5m

1h 2mins


8 comments on “How long does it take…

  • Days like that are horrible. Do be careful though Carla, you’re doing so much, just back from injury, I’m afraid your’e going to hurt yourself again. Have a great time on Sunday! xxxxx

  • Running on tired legs is good practice for the later stages of the marathon. But generally speaking I believe in the maxim hard day followed by easy day in training. Well done on giving up smoking whenever that was — a great achievement at any time.

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