A Grump of athoners

Published January 8, 2012 by fitflo

Was the collective noun that Abradypus came up with this morning to describe our little group that got together for the Regents Park 10k this morning. Upon spotting me waving and giving a cheery ‘MORNING!’ Louises reply was ‘Oh god, she’s perky!’ – I took it as a compliment as I’m not normally known as a morning person (my hubby, mum and brother will vouch for my usual morning grumpiness) so it’s makes a fun change to be the annoyer rather than the annoyee!

Maggie made the long journey from ooop north last night and stayed with me. Oliver shamed me by begging her for some key lime pie, and to be honest was not much help when I was trying to make her bed up either!

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My normal RP running partner was in attendance (Alma) and we were joined by Rachel and Katie whose blogs I have always admired (I suggest you take a look – Rachels for the amazing Lego dioramas, and Katies for her uber creative and laugh out loud diagrams and flow charts). I shan’t go on too much about the race – I’m 2 weeks back after 8 weeks out so I always knew it was going to be hard, but Alma made a wonderful running partner and I only had a very short walk around the 4.5m point, when I made the fatal mistake of slowing down on a hill to take my fleece off and couldn’t get started again – it was a bit like trying to do a hill start in 2nd gear. I think I somehow ended up with my 2nd fastest 10k pace (tbc) and I can honestly say I tried my hardest – for the first time in my racing career I threw up after crossing the finishing line as a result of the effort I put in!

2 lbs
12.4 secs
25 secs
52 secs
5 lbs
31 secs
10 lbs
20 lbs

Interesting, according to an article on runnersworld losing a pound in bodyweight makes a difference of approximately 2 seconds per mile to your speed. As I am 4lbs heavier than when I ran my fastest 10k, this makes perfect sense to me (see table above) so my new goal is to lose 30lbs before the marathon (at a very a doable rate of 2lbs per week) which should result in me finishing 23 minutes quicker than I would right now. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Todays Stats

Run: 6m

1hr 10 mins


20 comments on “A Grump of athoners

  • Wow, really 2 seonds per mile? I’d not heard that, but I had heard that each 1lb lost reduces knee joint pressure by something like 4llbs.

    I’m running a marathon in October & I’ll keep
    An eye on my weight/speed over the next few months too.

    Well done on your run today, too, and a Grump certainly is it the right collective noun!

  • It’s weird your race results aren’t there! But Alma’s are and as you ran with her… I can see you did the time you wanted!!… woop woop!!! Well done!!! Thank you so much for having me stay… I nearly tried to sneak Oliver in my bag as he is THAT cute! You’ll be pleased to know he wasn’t having a bar of it though!! 🙂

  • That sounded like a lot of fun! If you are planning any runs end of July/August time then I will try and come and meet you all as I’m back in the UK then 🙂
    Hope that the return to fitness is going well. I can imagine that it is super frustrating and you feel like you are back at square one, but, have faith, your fitness will return way faster as will your strength. I found that as my weight decreased too everything just got easier so I am very confident you’ll be on that VLM starting line 🙂 Am still waiting for the final all clear from the Phsyio – I seem to have been 80% fixed for a VERY long time!
    Enjoy the rest of Janathon!

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