Janathon fail, but Jantastic still going strong

Published January 10, 2012 by fitflo

In case you hadn’t noticed I’ve failed at Janathon this year. I didn’t do anything on Saturday (mad dash to the vets with a poorly cat disrupted my plans) and I decided to have yesterday off too, as I was still feeling a bit wobbly after Sundays efforts. However, I’ve joined Marathon Talks Jantastic as part of team WD striders, and committed to 4 runs a week which is going well so far. Tonight was a 4m jaunt with Cheryl and Gill from running club. I had a bit of a wobble at a mile when my calf muscles cramped up but after a little stretching and a hill or two they were fine. On the way home I passed a fried chicken takeaway and the smell was soooo tempting. Fried chicken is my 2nd favourite take-away (pizza being my fave obv as it is manna from the gods) and I was sorely tempted to swing in and grab me a 2 piece box n chips…but I resisted.

After reading Bens blog last night, I decided to join him on the weigh-a-day however I shan’t be posting a daily pic of my bod and weight (I think I’d lose my very loyal follower!)  – just my weight whenever I blog which will probably be 2 or 3 times a week. I’ve started using myfitnesspal again to log my food, and am back on the biosynergy supplements, whilst easing myself back into healthy eating. God isn’t losing weight boring and full of admin? So, hopefully I will have bored you all away and no-one will make it far enough down the post to actually see my weight. I’m annoyed at myself for putting so much of the weight I have lost over the last year back on, but I take comfort in the fact that I am still a massive EIGHT POUNDS lighter than I was this time last year. Whoopibloodydo.

Todays Stats

Run: 4m

Time: too embarrassed to say



11 comments on “Janathon fail, but Jantastic still going strong

  • Oooooo… more ‘myfitnesspal’ers !
    I’m lapsed, but it was working well for me til house move stuff got in the way.
    (p.s you’re now my second blog read of the evening… I’m a non-stop crazy insomniac reading machine tonight!)

  • You haven’t failed – merely changed the goal 😉

    Good luck with the weight loss. Just remember if you weigh yourself every day that you will experience weight fluctuations that are perfectly normal and are not necessarily part of the general trend at all! You are right – it is boring, but you have to embrace the boredom and channel that smug feeling that you get when things go well!!

  • I started posting my daily weights on my private blog, but I gave up after a while (story of my life!), so I think th 2-3 times a week is a better idea! And it does somehow keep you on the straight and narrow. Brilliant to be 8 pounds lighter than last year,

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