@stalbansparkrun and an awesome PB!

Published January 14, 2012 by fitflo

I’m so excited I’m not sure I can say much and stay coherent.

I ran the inaugural St Albans parkrun today. This is now my closest parkrun, so I’ll be visiting as often as I can talk my hubby into walking into work so that I can have the car. It’s a lovely venue – easy to get to, great parking, a cafe on site, the course is very picturesque, nice and FLAT and the volunteers were all very encouraging.

I met up with abradypus and jovialgnome (very funny man but just don’t mention the sheep). We commented on the cold, chatted to other runners and I was even able to call on my not very vast experience of parkruns to tell someone new how the barcodes work. After a short hello, we’re here, good luck from the race, sorry RUN, director (it’s a run not a race according to the rather tasty Danny Norman of Parkrun HQ – he is that tasty to look it I’d agree with anything he said although the competitive devil inside me was screaming IT IS A BLOODY RACE!!!) we were off. Beforehand, I had mentioned to abradypus that I would like to get a PB – hard enough that you want me to shout at you, she asked, Yes, I replied, but please stop at physical violence… She was as good as her word and dragged encouraged me round to PB. Not just a 10 second scrape through PB but a whole TWO MINUTES AND TWENTY SECONDS faster than my best ever 5k which was at MK parkrun in June last year. I finished in 31m35s – thats 10m 32s per mile – WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Straight after the race, I drove to Daghenham to see my lovely Nan. On the way, I was getting texts from Alma, Louise and Shaz all congratulating me and because I was driving I couldn’t reply so I’d like to say THANKS BUDS!! Also, I tried explaining to my Nan about my PB, she’s 84, very independant and fit – she told me in her day 3 miles was a short walk to work so I’m not sure she was that impressed. She is going to come and watch me in the marathon though, so despite my wobble on Thursday (I had a good moan on Twitter and Facebook and got lots of supportive replies thanks :)) I am still committed to my training. I must remember not to get caught up in what everyone else is doing. I’ve only been running for a year, so it doesn’t matter what time I do it in, or whether I do 20 hill training sessions, or if I run 3 or 5 times a week or if my average pace is under 10 mins. It’s just brilliant that I am going to complete the London Marathon. End of.


14 comments on “@stalbansparkrun and an awesome PB!

  • Excellent stuff, so pleased for you and your pb and next time our paths cross I will run with you rather than disappear into the distance, just wanted to put down a benchmark today – see you soon and the sheep say baaaaah!

  • Excellent PB – well done! 🙂
    And wise thoughts about the marathon – time doesn’t matter (unless you’re Paula Radcliffe and wanting to win it), it’s about taking part, enjoying it and achieving something you never thought was possible. I would never have the motivation to train for a marathon and so I admire anyone who does. Stick with it, you’re doing great, x

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