The one in which I admit to almost going mad

Published January 21, 2012 by fitflo

So much I want to tell you, struggling to organise my thoughts, so am going to do a bit of a stream of consciousness which I’ve never done before so please go easy on me in the comments.

Last 3 weeks

Have generally been pretty rubbish training, eating and life wise, mostly down to my

State of Mind

Which has been extremely


Due to a number of factors

Home – still no ceiling in the hallway and the leak hasn’t even been fixed yet, cleaner resigned, hubby not being v helpful, brakes on the car have gone, cats fighting constantly, one of them still injured and we’re January skint…

Work – start of a new year on the back of possibly our worst month ever in December has meant very close supervision and involvement (which I hate) from my boss who also happens to be my brother so…

Family – not really felt like talking to him outside of work which is rubbish as we’re really close and have always managed to leave work at work in the past, which has also meant I have not seen as much of my lovely nephew Ethan as I would like, but I have been to see my Nan and I have planned to see bro et famille in a couple of weeks so now I can worry about other things such as my …

Marathon training

Or more specifically the lack there of, which led me to wobble for a bit, but luckily help was at hand in the form of 4 people without whom I would have given up and deferred my marathon til next year:

Abradypus – for pacing me to a PB at the St Albans parkrun last week (2m 21 seconds just in case you haven’t read this post)

Alma – for pacing me roung the Regents Park half in my 2nd best 10k time and also my longest distance since coming back from my injury

Elaine – from my running club for being encouraging and nagging in equal parts and getting me out this morning for an 8m run which hurt, but I did it and now feel so much less stressed about everything, I can’t believe I had forgotten the healing power of running. Also, after reading the brilliant book my 4th support pillar,

Shaz, bought me way back when I got my marathon place (The nonrunners marathon training guide) in which the training programme calls for a 7 m long run this week which means I am exactly where their people normally are by this week and they get a 100% success rate of getting people round a marathon, I have decided I am going to do it and it doesn’t matter what time in, so now I am following this training schedule and I’ve de-complicated my life and my schedule by listing just the running and if I fancy going for a swim, or a cylce or doing some weights I can but if I don’t want to I don’t have to and I feel sooooooo much more relaxed about everything and I’m going to drink lots of some beer to celebrate.

Thanks for sticking with me!

Oh , and here is a pic of my new shoes as requested by Local Adventures (who wants to get in touch with his feminine side – Hmmm) and a couple of Oliver trying to eat hubbys roast dinner last week!

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10 comments on “The one in which I admit to almost going mad

  • Hey what a great post. Not great of course that you are having rough start to 2012 but good that you are sticking with vlm run. Really thrilled you are going with book plan, it got me round so can do this for anyone so you go girl. Remember we will all be there to watch you

  • You are doing brilliantly. The marathon training is slow and steady and you know if you follow the programme you’ll finish the race. Come on! Half Marathon conquered twice so far. Marathon pah! Bring it on!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  • you are doing great! you are well on course with your training, and as you say, you are running to finish.. a finishers medal is a finishers medal after all!
    hope kitty’s leg is better soon, and looking forward to Regents Park, and of course Brighton Half! xx

  • Hope the stress eases soon. Hopefully you getting your running fitness and mojo back will help. Don’t worry about vlm. Keep training and see how it goes and maybe this year or 2013 will be your year. Whatever just remember how far you’ve come since last year.

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