The reason I went commando today…

Published January 25, 2012 by fitflo

Oh how I wish I had a camera crew following me this morning – I could’ve sent my video in to you’ve been framed and won £250. I decided to run to work, so I packed up my (rather large) rucksack with work clothes, shoes, make-up, my lunch (vegpot, pear, yoghurt), keys and purse. I tried to pack as light as I could, I really did, but the pack still weighed about 10lb! Undeterred, I set out from home, some funky old skool choons playing on my ipod and a happy smile on my face.

5 steps later I realised running with a ruckscak is hard…10 steps later I was cursing my stupid decision to run with it – they really JIGGLE up down left right, I tried adjusting my gait to take it into account and ended up doing a sort of shufflle, hop, step, shuffle, hop, step that felt wierd but worked – it was pre 8am and I was not only out of bed but moving and that’s a plus in my book.

My you’ve been framed moment happened about 10 minutes in. I was going downhill so I sped up a little bit, after about 200 yds I heard a strange noise, I turned round to see my innocent vegpot (piri-piri – my favourite) splatted on the floor like some sort of wierd lunch road kill. I looked a little further up the road…there was something that looked suspiciously like one of my shoes…10 yards up from that…a pear…..20 yards further on another shoe…..10 yards on my scrumptious activia lemony creamy yoghurt pot smeared across the pavement…and running towards me holding my purse aloft was a lovely lady shouting EXCUSE ME YOU DROPPED THIS!!

Turns out in my early morning eagerness to get out of the house and get my miles in today, I forgot to zip my bag up and had left a little hansel and gretel trail…I was too embarrassed to go back looking for my knickers so I had to go commando at work today (don’t worry I had tights on!), oh the shame…


11 comments on “The reason I went commando today…

  • Love it!!! Must admit, the running with a rucksack bit is what puts me off running to work 🙂 very lucky that hubby and I work at the same place, so I have chauffeur driven clothes to or from work !

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