I love hills!

Published January 30, 2012 by fitflo

That’s what I kept telling myself tonight. I didn’t get to do my long run at the weekend as I was away, so I (sort of) made up for it today by running to, and then with running club. The route we chose was a hilly one and as I dragged myself up one particularly nasty one I was reminded of the section I had read in this weeks chapter of my training guide – Make Hills Your Friends.


I’m not sure I would let my friends bash my arse with a bat until it is so sore it hurts to sit down, nor would I let them squeeze me until I had no breath left and was panting even when standing still (although I’m sure a couple of them would jump at the chance to inflict that much pain on me…) however that’s what it felt like I let the hills do to me tonight. I did try singing this mantra:

I love hills, hills love me, I’m going to run up all the hills that I see

For about 27 seconds before I ran out of steam. It DID work for a bit so I will be trying it again in the future.

I’m looking forward to a bit more running this week. My plan is: speedwork tomorrow, a short club run Thursday, An Epic Adventure with Abradypus on Saturday followed by the Janathon meet up and then, what is quickly becoming my favourite part of the month, the Regents Park 10k followed by scrummy eggs on toast with Alma and a host of other blogging running buddies. I shall endeavour to blog after every run so you’ll be seeing a bit more of me than usual – oooh lucky you!

Todays Stats

Run 6.5m

V slowly!


10 comments on “I love hills!

  • Hill trick: Keep looking up at the top. Chin-up keeps your airways open, and even if you prefer the “head-down plod-on” approach, psychologically, it’ll make the hill look and feel steeper, and you could slow so much, it becomes hard to up your pace again once at the top.

    Hills are my friends, since they are the enemies of my enemies.

  • Bah to hills. Unlike local adventures I adopt the head down, pump arms, say mantra routine find the top comes quicker. Looking forward to hearing about your forth coming weekend. Enjoy

  • That is definitely NOT the way for friends to behave! I have a similar uneasy relationship with hills as you know… have fun at the Janathon meet-up and enjoy the brekkie after Regents Park… that was delicious!! 🙂

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