Snow, ice, eeek!

Published February 8, 2012 by fitflo

I’m such a wuss. I won’t run outside when its slippy and icy. I’m so clumsy and accident prone if I go out I’ll end up breaking a leg or something!

So this weeks running so far has been 2 boring treadmill runs, 3m on Monday at 8.7kph (about 11m mile) and todays 5m (1 hour) at about 8.4kph (about 11m 45s per mile). In all honestly, run no 3 will probably be 3m again Friday morning, followed up with an 11 mile (gulp) Saturday morning run which I will do outdoors (weather permitting).

Not sure how much more treadmill running I can do, it’s so booooooring but I suppose it’s better that than nothing.

In other news I was listening to the Marathon Talk podcast (Ep 108) on the train home from London on Friday evening, and 10 minutes in my name was read out as one of the spot prize winners for logging runs every week for Jantastic. Yipppeeeee! An Adidas hi tec hi vis super duper technical running jacket is on it’s way to me as we speak. Of course I shall devote a whole blog of pictures and review once I get it.

I love free stuff!


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