A long run and an AWARD!!!

Published February 12, 2012 by fitflo

I finally ‘manned up’ and ventured out onto the snow for a run yesterday, wearing 4 tops and 2 pairs of running tights – well it was minus 7. Accompanied by 5 other people from RC doing either VLM or MK we set off intending to do 12 miles.

Er, yeh, that was quickly forgotten about 100 yards in – running across foot deep snow on an uneven field is not the easiest thing in the world. I got fatigued really quickly and after 5 miles my legs felt like they’d done a half marathon so we cut the route short and headed back to the car park. With 7.5m in the bag 4 of the others decided to call it quits and finish their runs today, however as I have my lovely nephew (with my brother and sister in law tagging along!) coming for a visit today, I didn’t have that option, so I bullied persuaded Elaine to join me and we took a circuitous route home which bought my total mileage up to 11.2, bang on plan whoop whoop!

The other bonus of finishing the route on the road was that I had negative splits for the last 3 miles which I think is pretty impressive – look at the difference:

1.00mi 00:12:07

1.00mi 00:12:51

1.00mi 00:12:59

1.00mi 00:14:39

1.00mi 00:12:12

1.00mi 00:12:23

1.00mi 00:11:53

1.00mi 00:15:06

1.00mi 00:12:03

1.00mi 00:11:37

1.00mi 00:11:19

0.18mi 00:02:40

Last night was the Stopsley Striders annual awards ceremony. They have lots of awards  – best male, best female, newcomer awards, age grading, best cross country etc etc and they are across all age categories. They also give improvement awards to people they think have done particularly well over the last year. I went along to cheer along with everyone else and to get to see my running friends in normal clothes! We have some really talented runners – one of the ladies who  did last years marathon in 3h 6m! The last thing I was expecting was to hear my name called out but it was and I was so excited. Here’s what my certificate says:

“This lady had a very fine running year since she started in March in the Sandy 10. It was not just her first race of the year is was her first race ever! She ran very well after that, running PBs in every race until she was hit by an injury which set her back for a while. But fortunately she has a tough character and has bounced back and is now running very well again. She has run 5 PBs throughout the year and is a person who really seems to enjoy her running. Long may the good times continue for one of our Improvement Award Winners of 2011


I’m never going to win any races, so I think it is great that the club gives awards to people like me to recognise effort and hard work, even if I’m not actually winning anything for the club. The trouble is, now I am going to work even harder to make sure I get another one next year!!

Here are a couple of pics from yesterdays run, and one of the bling of course!

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13 comments on “A long run and an AWARD!!!

  • Fantastic news about the award, hope the improvement continues! I won our “club person of the year” a couple of years ago and the buzz it gave me lasted for ages, hope this has the same effect on you!

  • That really is ace – well done.

    Can’t say that I much fancy running in the snow -the snow is for playing in, making snow angels in and then hiding from with large mugs of hot chocolate. Good work on carrying on going through the freeze.

    Really like you cunning picture thing too – how do you do that?!


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