Long run done and halfway through the training plan

Published February 26, 2012 by fitflo

This weeks plan called for a 14 mile long run which is what I did this morning. I don’t like leaving my long run until Sunday, but I was working yesterday and I couldn’t face doing that far on Friday after work so that only left this morning.

After last weeks (more than) half marathon disaster, I wanted to have a good run today. I started out with a group from running club, but at the 3 mile point I was feeling uncomfortable with the pace they were setting so I broke off and decided to just do 2 long laps of the cycle path we were on. I think my pacing once I was on my own was better for me – on tarmac I settled in at about a 12 min mile going up to 12:30 when I went onto the trail bits. At 5 and a half miles I took a tumble, luckily it was on the trail so I wasn’t hurt – just a damaged ego and my right side covered in mud. It’s typical though isn’t it, I hadn’t seen another person for at least 5 mins, but when I fell over it was right in front of another (fit male) runner. Sods bloody law – he did stop and ask how I was but I was so embarrassed I just got up and stumbled on whilst shouting I’m fine thanks over my shoulder. Mortified!

I don’t feel that great about todays run as I hit a wall again at 10 miles. Tired legs, ragged breathing, negative thoughts. I’m 8 weeks in to my plan now, and I’ll be honest I have only been doing 3 runs a week. I think this is why I struggle from 10 miles onwards – I just haven’t done enough training. So from this week on I am going to up it to 4 runnings sessions and add in a strength session. Oh and I’m going to get a sports massage. I just wish I lived closer to Giselle as I heard she gives the best ones – it may be worth the £30 train ticket to get one.

What with training and work I am finding it’s my blogging that is suffering – both writing and reading, I am nominating Sunday evening as my catch up day, so I’m really sorry if you do a fab race and I don’t comment until Sunday.

I’m feeling fatigued and pretty much done with running, and I am getting REALLY panicky about race day – 3 nights this week I had nightmares all based around missing the coach, missing the start of the race, falling over etc etc. Apparently it’s quite normal at this point in the training (according to my coach at RC). Does anyone else who is marathon training feel like this – how are you getting over/through it?

Ah well, this time in 8 weeks it will all be over! My nephew will have an aunt he can be proud of and and I can eat lots of cake – here are 2 pics – my current motivation (although obv I am not a Mum this was my Mums birthday cake that my friend Lou made I had a large piece today and it was delicious!)…

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7 comments on “Long run done and halfway through the training plan

  • Very cute nephew and scrumy looking cake. I always have nightmares exactly like yours but closer to marathon though this week dreamt went for run without hotel key! I think it’s because it occupies such a large part of our thoughts that it’s hard to switch off and I think this shows commitment rather than the need to be committed! As for panic I’m there too, xxxxxx

  • Hey hun, never left a commet before, I was only saying in the week to others how amazing you are, as I thinl out of all of us you are the most mentally race ready, you will get through your marathon really well. Nightmares are normal, the chnaces of you mising the coach are very small and if you did, so what you can get the train, I know you will get through your marathon and I know you will lovw it, you have the courage the fallback and run your own training run. That is amazing and takes a lot of courage which you have in bucket loads so I know you will do amazing xx

  • Ethan is just too gorgeous!! And he wil indeed be very proud of his aunty in 8 weeks time, as will you be proud of yourself – a bona fide marathoner!
    Don’t get panicky about the 10 miles, we are going to go the entire 13 miles at Silverstone no problem,, if we do it at 12.30 minute miles, so be it, but I suspect you will easily make it round in 11.30 – 12.00 minute miles 🙂 as for the nightmares, I get them too, as Shaz says, it is quite normal. I always dream that I got to the start too late and then have to run really hard to catch up!
    If you stick to the training program you will be absolutely fine, after all, everyone that did that course completed a marathon! Don’t try and do too much and hurt your ankle again – from someone who did exactly that last year! Why not speak to Giselle and next time you are in London for work, go and see her 🙂
    You are doing great, even though you may think you aren’t, you did finish the 14 miles after al, which was what you had to do xx
    am trying to type wth Fizz adding his 5 cents by walking on the keyboard LOL

  • 10 miles is about my limit too it seems. We’ll do it, I know we will.

    It might not be pretty or fast or very clever but we will cross the finish line. Because we’re runners and we’re tenacious and and because we said we would, we have people (including ourselves and little people who actually really know yet because everything feels like a marathon to them) to make proud

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