48 days to go…

Published March 5, 2012 by fitflo

…and we’re at the business end of the marathon training now, so I did 16 miles on Saturday in 3 hours 25 mins. I walked mile 14 as it was all uphill but the rest was a comfortable jog. My pace was all over the place – from 11m55 to 14m46, but the ground was varied (tarmac, gravel path, muddy fields and grass were all in the mix) and it was an undulating course. I was pleased with the run, my time wasn’t too awful but more importantly I didn’t get to that oh-my-god-I-can’t-do-this point. I was tired at the end, but not completely done.

I had a cold bath afterwards in the hope it would hold off the DOMS, which I thought it had until 1m into tonights run when my calf muscles felt like they had turned to concrete. I got a good telling off from a couple of people at club who said I should have been getting regular sports massages, so I’m going to forgo tomorrows run in favour of 45 minutes of paid-for pain, I can’t wait!

I feel better mentally this week, but it’s caught up with me physically. This was the first week that I did 4 runs instead of 3. I think the positive impact is that it seems to have made my long run better, but on the flip side I am soooooo tired. I’m not very good at going to bed early, I normally survive on 6-7 hours sleep during the week with a big catch up at the weekends, but I don’t think this really fits with marathon training! I have been trying to go to bed with my husband at 9.30 (he’s a postie) but it’s just so EARLY I feel like a naughty schoolgirl!

This weekend is the Silverstone Half Marathon whcih I’m really looking forward to doing. It’s the 1st time I’ll be doing a race with both my (not-quite-so) virtual running buddy Alma, and my real-life running buds Gill and Cheryl. I’m looking forward to them all meeting as I think they’ll all get on famously and it’ll be fabulous being part of a team of 4!


6 comments on “48 days to go…

  • Ooooooh a cold bath that’s hardcore. Plz Plz Plz don’t count the days as all I have to do is add 7 days to get my count down and even I can manage that but it makes me feel quite sick as it does not sound so far away. All the best for silverstone x

  • well done on your awesome 16 miles! and to then do a club run the very next day!!! looking forward to meeting Gill and Cheryl, is going to be great to all run together 🙂 enjoy the massage, it is really worth it – see you Sunday x

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