#SilverstoneHalfMarathon race report

Published March 11, 2012 by fitflo

Here’s today in highlights:

PIcked up at 9.30am which felt odd – every other race I’ve done I’d be 30 minutes into by then!

Lots of chatting about London Marathon on the way as I got a lift with hubbys friend who is also running it, always enjoy an opportunity to geek out with someone equally excited on ones chosen subject.

Arrived with 15 mins to spare, big hugs and smiles from Alma and Rachel, everyone looking keen as greyhounds at the start of the 7.32…

Introduced virtual (but actually very real life) running buddy Alma to running club running buds Gill and Cheryl all got on famously.

Sauntered to the 2.30 – 3 hour finish pens, the sun was shining it felt like a very sociable Sunday afternoon run. And then we were OFF!

Mile 1: Vroom factor 7 (out of 10) – gently downhill warm up, zoomed in 11m40

Mile 2: Vroom factor 7 – remained consistent 11m53

Mile 3: Vroom factor 8 – consistency maintained 11m47

Mile 4: Vroom factor 9 – I hit that point of flow, where everything feels easy and it felt like I was floating 11m35

Mile 5: Vroom factor 10 – Maintained flow WHHHHEEEEEEE this is great! 11m 38

Mile 6: Vroom factor 7 – starting to get a bit hot, tarmac reflecting the heat but still felling OK 11m 53

Mile 7: Vroom factor 5 – feeling hotter, guzzling water, time for the gel – just as we started running again I saw 2 friends who had come to watch as they can’t make London and wanted to support me – yipppee – got my running legs back 12m11

Mile 8: Vroom factor 10 – spurred on by another sighting of my friends cheering very enthusiastically and loudly (thanks John and Wendy T!!), whopppeeeeeeee! 11m35

Mile 9 – Vroom factor 6 – scuppered by a never ending slight uphill that seemed to suck the energy from my legs 12m10

Mile 10 – Vroom factor 4 – Waved Alma on as I felt the need to slow right down. Legs feeling fatigued, heat has stolen my mojo 12m28

Mile 11 – Vroom factor 5 – Reunited with Gill and Cheryl and adopted a run 5mins walk 1min strategy that rejuvenated me (or at least got me running again) 12m49

Mile 12 – Vroom factor 7 – Maintaining the run walk strategy, long straight run past the stands, starting to feel very very hot, temp registering at 16 degrees but it feels like 26 reflecting back off the tarmac 12m48

Mile 13 – Vroom factor 6 – Can see the end but it feels miles away, right knee starting to hurt and IT band twinging. 13m32

Last 0.27m Vroom factor 10 – zoomed it in 3m19, even managed an awesome sprint finish passing 4 other runners YIPPEE!

M & S Chinese planned for tea (yum), I’ve had a cold(ish) bath and am being comforted on the sofa by hubby and cats. I’m pleased to have completed another half marathon, at 2hr 40 mins it’s not my fastest but it’s the first I’ve done in that sort of heat. I need to aim for an even slower start if warm weather is predicted on marathon day. If not, the pace of the 1st 9 miles was comfortable, and I probably could have maintained it had it been cooler. All ifs and buts, I’ll just have to see how the day goes.

It was lovely to see Alma, and I’m really proud of Cheryl doing her 1st half marathon and finishing strong! Will post photos once they have been published – I did try to smile for them but suspect it will look like I’m gurning…


10 comments on “#SilverstoneHalfMarathon race report

  • Awesome! Well done! Love the vroom factors – I need to get me some of them just to get me out of the door at the moment. Must try harder (or invent a portable AC unit to run with so I don’t combust with the effort!)

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