Oops, I started my taper too early

Published March 17, 2012 by fitflo

I’ve just come back from a fab week at Center Parcs with my bro and his family. It was awesome spending so much time with my nephew who is now 5 months old, and I think we have started a new family tradition as we were already discussing next years dates before we left.

On the down side, my running has taken a back seat. I only ran once whilst I was there, and here I am on Saturday morning lonunging on the sofa rather than out pounding the streets. In fact I seem to have tapered the last 2 weeks. In the month of March I have only run 5 times – 2m, 16m, 4m, 13.1m and 4.2m. Hmm. NOT good marathon training I suspect. so it’s back on the treadmill this week (so to speak) with a long run planned tomorrow and then a minimum of 4 sessions next week.

The other down side is that I used Center Parcs as (another) excuse to eat rubbish, and as of this morning I am the same weight as I was in January last year! I know some of that is muscle as I am a completely different shape, but even hubby (with a fearful look on his face like he thought he was going to get slapped for saying it but in fact I probably needed his honesty) mentioned my muffin top whilst I was drinking an oreo cookie milkshake (sooo good) on Thursday, so I know it’s time to do something about it. My brother has always struggled with his weight too, a few years ago he lost 5 stone and has mostly kept it off. We had a long chat about hows and whys, and decided I am a balancer – I use running as an excuse to eat badly, sometimes before I’ve even done the run i.e. last night at Zizzi – ‘oh its ok for me to have a starter and a dessert because I’m doing a long run tomorrow’ but said run has not materialised…

My extra weight is slowing me down – even if I lose just 2 lbs a week between now and marathon day, that will make me 20 seconds per mile faster – over 26.2. miles that’s nearly 9 minutes, and explains why my last 2 half marathon times have been crap. So Monday is D-day – no more crisps, chocolate, or over processed foods. I am vowing to increase my intake of fruit, veg and water, and get my bloody trainers on!


5 comments on “Oops, I started my taper too early

  • Been there, did exactly the same when I trained for Brighton 2010 and in fact weighed more when I did the marathon than when I started training! While I have been relatively good with eating this time, I have come off the rails these last 2 weeks. You have inspired me, not a single ’empty calorie’ will pass my lips between now and April 15!
    You will be fine for the marathon, you have done 16 miles after all, and as you know from our running ‘bible’ if you can do 18 miles, you can do a marathon, it is all about finishing and not totally knackering yourself in the process! Hope we can manage to get a long run together before our marathons.. xx

  • I’m going to regret this, but count me in on the empty calorie thing too* ^ ”

    *though for the record, the contents of graze boxes are hereby defined to be full calories!

    ^as are Easter Eggs.

    “and other people’s birthday cakes.

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