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Published March 20, 2012 by fitflo

A lesser known doesntusethegymalot, known locally as the carlagreer (kaLAH greER) was spotted at approximately 6.22 this morning in the pool at David Lloyd, Capability Green.

Staff at the centre said that it was the second time this week she had been seen there, and that she swam for approximately an hour, though our expert did say that it looked less like swimming and more like drowning avoidance.

It is rare for this breed to be seen at Out of her natural habitat (her bed) so twice in one week is a real treat for enthusiasts. With reports coming in the she has booked a personal training session for 6.30am tomorrow, some spotters (known as CAGs) are expected to travel from as far away as Witham and Redhill for a glimpse. Local police advise to check travel news, use local A roads and travel after 9am if you plan to visit the area tomorrow to avoid getting caught in the traffic.


10 comments on “In today’s news

  • TRAFFIC UPDATE:- If you are travelling from Luton Airport, allow a lot of extra time to get through the Capability Green area of Luton due to the vast amount of carlagreer spotters camped at the side of the road. If you want to spot a carlagreer on your journey its plumage is often bright yellow and could be spotted hiding behind a bush!!!

  • Brilliant!! made me LOL, Sean loves it too!
    I had tried to book a train ticket to this amazing event, but all trains are full!! Will have to come by helicopter to avoid traffic congestion.
    Well done on your amazing effort and enjoy the personal trainer tomorrow xx

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