Another one down

Published March 26, 2012 by fitflo

So, sundays long run. I’d mapped out a rough 18 miler, part road/part trail to take Alma on Sunday and show off the purdy countryside I live so close to. Linda, one of my friends from RC who is training for the MK marathon,  joined us. With anything from 16 – 21 degree heat predicted, we set off at 8.45am (7.45am in old money as the clocks had only just changed) to try to get it done before it got too hot.

It was a lovely run, albeit a little too hilly – we climbed over 1000ft and only got 80% of that back on downhill, but apparently if you train on hills it will just make the flat of VLM seem so much easier! Luckily the sun was obscured by fog for most the time with a few breakouts to warm us up, although at one stage my hands were so cold I’d regretted leaving my gloves and fleece at home. I found the run sooo much easier with company, My average pace came out at about 12m 20s miles, with a couple of sub 12m miles on the long downhills (we walked the last mile home from the pub which buggered up the runningfree stats). We finished at a country pub and had egg, chips and beans with a round of buttered bread – top running grub.

I feel much more confident that I’ll get round the marathon after this run and although I struggled through the last 2 miles (I think the hills had taken their toll on my legs), I got through it by switching to a run 5 walk 1 strategy which I’ll probably do for the back end of the marathon – I’m hoping with the flatter course I’ll get to mile 20 before I have to do that. I’ve got a bit of a sore knee today so I’ve given RC a miss and I’m planning a gentle swim in the morning and a sports massage after work so I’ll see what he has to say (v funny story about last weeks session which I’ll tell you about tomorrow!).

Only one more long run to go – hallelujah, the only downer being it looks like I’ll be doing it solo, so if anyone is free on Sunday and fancies joining me for some or all of a very scenic 20m run in the Luton area at a 12m30 pace please let me know!


3 comments on “Another one down

  • Hi there. Not sure but I MIGHT join you for the 20. I don’t get back from Spain until Sat and I won’t have run for 2 weeks because of this cough. I’ll see how I am later in the week and let you know.

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