Oh dear

Published April 1, 2012 by fitflo

…I should be out on my long run right now…but I’m not. I’m playing bejwelled blitz, and reading blogs, and doing some washing and watering my plants, in fact, I am doing ANYTHING to get out of doing my long run.


I just woke up and didn’t feel like it. I’m tired, I have a slightly dodgy stomach, it’s my girly time of the month and I just don’t want to. Not good with 3 weeks to go til London.

Would it be OK if I promise to do a long one tomorrow after work instead?

Now go away and leave me alone, I need to arrange my DVDs and blu-rays into size and title order…


6 comments on “Oh dear

  • best to listen to your body, if you are not up to it, then do it another day 🙂 you could still do a long run this weekend, or else start your taper, we did do 18 miles last weekend after all!
    take it easy xx

  • How long were you thinking? If you have time tomorrow night & feel up to it, then do; if not, don’t play catch up with sessions. Your taper starts soon and your 18 miles with Alma will see you through. Hope you feel better soon!

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