Did it – sorta…and viceathon

Published April 2, 2012 by fitflo

Whose bright idea was it to attempt to run 18 miles after work. Not just any day of work but a MONDAY, also the 1st day of the month which is when my entire day consists of admin, reporting and writing appraisals, my 3 least favourite things to do. Bah.

I ran 6 miles before club, then found a sucker friend at club to do another 6 with. Actually she’s a lovely lady, I’ve only run with her a couple of times and always in a group, so our 6 miles tonight was a great getting to know you session. I think she could tell I was struggling as she seemed happy to walk when I did, and at the end when my knee starting to scream at me (it was shouting WTF are you doing to me you f***ing idiot woman??? Just in case you were wondering) she offered me a lift home. I pretended for about, oooh, 2 seconds that I was going to say no, but just couldn’t keep it up – she knew it, I knew it, I just had to say it out loud.

Shaz has already ttold me I shouldn’t try and catch up missed miles, with now only 2 weeks and 6 days to go I feel woefully underprepared, but my goal is just to get around, which I think I have done just about enough for.

I was going to join in with viceathon (another great idea from jogblog), however as I am a paragon of virtue at the moment, allowing nothing naughty to cross my lips, I don’t feel that I could join in. Ah, who am I kidding, as soon as the marathon is over I am going on a BEERFEST (I have the two days after off) so I might as well start counting the miles now and getting plenty in the bank.

1 unit of alcohol = 1 mile run/bike/walk/swim

Alcohol count

1st April: 1 pint of apples and pears 5% cider and 1 pint of  strawberry and lime cider – 4 units (?)

2nd April: 0

Miles covered

1st April: 2m stroll around Ashridge and Berkhamsted punctuated by cider drinking

2nd april: 12m run after work

Miles in the bank

10 – yippee!


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