And so the taper begins

Published April 7, 2012 by fitflo

Just back from a lovely 9m run with Kim which was ascially half the route I did with Alma and Linda a couple of weeks ago. I woke up feeling a bit snotty and coughing, but a spoonful of Covonia and a paracetamol seem to have helped, and in fact I had the best run timewise of my training. I seem to have developed into a run/walker, and Kim proved to me today that I can actually run faster in my running bits than I have been – at times we got down to 10m 14s pace and it felt OK. We probably walked for the equivalent of a minute or so per mile, but I still averaged under a 12m pace for the whole thing. If I can duplicate that on marathon day I will be a very happy chappy.

So many tings I could blog about today, as I have been remiss in my updates, but I fear it would bore you all, and I do have housework to do, so I’ll summarise the last few days in terms of Viceathon which’ll give you a good picture of what I’ve been up to, as of the 2nd April I had 10 miles in the bank:

1 unit of alcohol = 1 mile run/bike/walk/swim

NEW ADDITIONS: 1 sweet baked product, or chocolate bar = 1 mile

Vice count

3rd April: Made fajitas for dinner, so had to had a Desperados (tequila and lime flavoured lager) to wash it down with = 2 miles

4th April: GINORMOUS, deliciously bad for me but tasted oh so wonderful, belgian bun filled with fresh cream = must count for at least 2 miles

5th April: Bad day at work which called for a hot cross bun AND a bounty bar to recover = 2 miles

6th April: Another hot cross bun, this time smothered in nutella = 2 miles (1 for the bun, 1 for the chocolate)

Miles covered

5th April: 3 mile run

7th April: 9 mile run

Miles in the bank

14 – Hm maybe I should start having more naughty stuff!


4 comments on “And so the taper begins

  • Thank you for taking me out with you. It was a lovely run and much more fun than running on my own. Also, you made me go out much earlier than I usually do and when I got home I was full of the joys of Spring and ready to do lots of stuff!

  • Great stuff. Enjoy the taper – and I agree, hang onto the extra vice miles – you’ll be wanting them in the next week. I seem to remember Cake of Good Hope prescribing a good cake diet as part of her taper to the VLM last year!!

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