Feeling better

Published April 16, 2012 by fitflo

Looking back on Thursdays post I *may* have come across as slightly wierd. Do apologise for that, turns out I had a valid excuse as I went to the docs on Friday and got some antibiotics as I have sinusitis for the 5th time in the last 2 years. I should know the signs by now – fatigue, aching body, wanting to sleep all day, miserable…but seeing as those symptoms are all quite similar to what the books tell you to expect during taper that’s what I put it down to. Over the weekend I slept for about 30 hours in total, and woke this morning feeling 75% better – I could’ve done with one more day of lounging, eating and sleeping!

Did 3 miles with Christa from club who is doing VLM and looking like a thoroughbred chomping at the bit – we did it in under 30 minutes which is SOOOPER speedy for me. Also found out that Elaine has had to pull out of VLM as she has a trapped nerve in her back – am gutted for her as she has trained harder than any of us but I’m impressed with her ‘sensibleness’.

Viceathon update

Chocolate is a medicine – FACT.

But, I did agree to this so here goes.

13th – 16th April – half a jar of nutella (over the course of the 4 days, melted in the microwave with strawberries dipped in, or with peanut butter in a toatsed sandwich), half a roulade, 2 creme eggs, galaxy chocolate, mint aero lamb. I think that coomes to approximately 12 viceathon miles, erring on the lower side as I was ill.

The sum total of my running has been tonights 3 miles, so for the 1st time in viecathon I am in debt!! by 10.5miles. Bloody good job I’m on antibiotics so haven’t been able to drink!

Just 2 more short runs planned this week – Wednesday and Saturday, so I might have to get my bum in the gym and swim or cycle some extra miles. Oh, and of course I have the 26.2 I’ll be running Sunday…


5 comments on “Feeling better

  • Thanks hun, so looking forward to seeing you out there on the course, i am expecting your smile to be the biggest out of all those runners xx

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