My legs are ready…

Published April 18, 2012 by fitflo

Got home at 8.30pm after another stressful 11hr day at work, was answering hubby’s solicitous questions in teenage-grunt and knew I needed to go for a short quick run.

Grabbed my ipod for a change (I haven’t run with music at all through my marathon training as I don’t want to on the day and didn’t want to get reliant on it) and put on my favourite happy making album of the moment – Friendly Fires Pala.

Did a quick 1.5m round the block 1st half uphill, 2nd but downhill and maintained a speedy 10.56m miles, if it wasn’t for the hill I reckon I’d’ve been sub 10. My legs are rested and ready for Sunday, I’m almost prepared (just 2 more things on the list to buy) and I have rasied almost £1000 for my charity which I’m well chuffed with – thanks to all of you that have sponsored me.

One more run before Sunday – a slow steady one planned on friday morning of about 3 miles. Feels wierd to think that.

I’ll leave you with my favourite song from the FF album from their live set at Glasto last year – this is what I bombed downhill to tonight, and even in the slippy sliding pouring soaking rain I hit a fastest pace of 7m31!! (I’m not sure I’ve embedded this properly…)



11 comments on “My legs are ready…

  • I’ll be watching out for you on the telly. I doubt if I’ll realise if I’ve actually seen you…. But it’s the thought that counts. At the risk of sounding like a dirty old man – what are you wearing?

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