Published April 30, 2012 by fitflo

…About sums up how I feel right now.

Looking back over this month, I’m glad it’s over – it’s not been great to be honest.


Running VLM

Spending more time with running buds

Cheerleading the MK marathoners


Work drama

Getting sinusitis the week before VLM

My disappointing VLM time

The loss of my mojo

Gained 5lbs

I’m even in debt with viceathon and its the end of the month so I have no way to catch it up! I’m not quite sure what the penalty will be for finishing in debt – will I need to buy Cathy some beers/chocolate? Will all the indebters have to club together to treat the people in credit (that’ll just be Sue then!). By my calculations I ended up approximately 10 miles in debt. The only exercise I have done since the Marathon is a 3 mile walk, and I have had chocolate or ice-cream pretty much everyday, as well as some wine and a rather delicious Vanilla and Ginger Cake Cheesecake on Saturday evening. Oh, and since getting a dolce gusto machine on Saturday I’ve had 4 hot chocolates and 3 cappuccinos, all accompanied by some sort of baked goods.

1st of the month tomorrow, going to attempt yet another relaunch…using some funky apps on my iphone to help!






5 comments on “Fnarr…

  • don’t be so hard on yourself, it had only been 10 days since you ran VLM! and it was so cold and wet, hot drinks are a must 🙂 we burnt up loads of calories shivering in the rain LOL
    dust off those trainers, we are heading for Luton and a sub 5 hour marathon xx

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