First run since VLM

Published May 3, 2012 by fitflo

I attempted a run last Thursday with running club that ended up turning into a 3 mile walk because my legs just weren’t up for it. Monday club was out, so that left tonight if I was going to get any sort of practice in before Northampton Parkrun on Saturday with Louise. I went out with 4 women who range from 20 – 35 years older than me, thinking we’ll plod around 3 miles at a 12m mile pace. Oh how wrong I was!

Firstly, we decided to go cross country, which meant I had to really pay attention to where I was running. Secondly, the route we picked was a hilly 5 miles. 5 miles…was I really up for that. Only one way to find out I thought and off I went. I got chatting to one of them and the 1st 2 miles went pretty quick – I checked run keeper when we stopped to wait for the there’s to catch up (garmin was out of juice) we’d done them in 18 minutes…we followed it with a 200m downhill followed by a mile and a half uphill, and I surprised myself by running the whole thing – I suppose the marathon training has left my legs, and me, stronger than I realised.

We completed the 5 miles in 56 minutes, had I carried on to 6 miles I probably would’ve beaten my 10k time. I started thinking that I should go do the Regents Park 10k on Sunday and try for a PB then one of the women said maybe I should wait and see how I feel on Saturday. she’s probably right but whether I do it this weekend or not, I do feel strong enough to go for a PB in my 5 and 10k times within the next couple of months.

Oh, I’m also considering (yes Alma considering!) doing the Luton Marathon on the 18th November. I’m going to start a 24 week training plan at the beginning of June and see how I go…


4 comments on “First run since VLM

  • Ooooo do it do it do it … Stop those post marathon blues with another goal. Keep the fitness, improve the fitness…. You already have one marathon PB this year, just think you could easily have another… Ah go on, go on, go on… ya will, ya will, ya will 🙂

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