Northampton Parkrun

Published May 5, 2012 by fitflo

Beautiful morning for a run, and I had the pleasure of Abradypus’ company and the convenience of her acting as chaffeur to get me from home to Northampton Park Run. Today was it’s 1st day (I seem to be making a habit of joining Louise at parkruns within easy reach of my house – this is my 3rd this year) and they had a good turn out for it. I persuaded one of the girls I work with who has only been running for 6 weeks (inspired by me apprently!) to join us, so at 9am we lined up with 117 other people to start our weekends off with a 5k run, which then allows you to eat and drink what you like for the rest of the weekend with little or no guilt.

I hadn’t intended to run particularly fast, I had no idea what pace Eileen (from work) could sustain, so I started us out at a 12m mile. I needn’t have worried – we’re very evenly paced and we soon sped up so the 1st mile whizzed by in 10:46, the seond was 10:52 and the last was 10:18. About 150m from the end I realised I was close to my 5k PB (31:35) so I sped up, but I ended up just missing it and clocking 31:41.

Great day out, The Racecourse is a lovely 5k with a slight but not too taxing hill in the middle, and a very lovely coffee shop for after. The team were, as you’d expect, very friendly and enthusiastic and it has a very mixed field – there were still another 30 finishers after us which suggests this will be a good one for beginners and hopefully they’ll attract some new runners as a result.

Oh, here are some pictures from VLM of me crossing Tower Bridge I forgot to post:

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