Regents Park Summer Series 10k

Published May 6, 2012 by fitflo

Decided at the last minute (ish – because I did have to know before I went to bed so that I could set my alarm to get up) to meet up with Alma and run the Regents Park 10k.

You know you have those (rare) times when you realise your running is going well and you want to be out all the time? I think I’m having one! I woke up at 6.43, 2 mins before my alarm, all eager beaver, jumped out of bed with NO snooze (unheard of) and was at the station 15 minutes early. When I met up with Alma she asked me if I wanted to run a fast race, I said, all nonchalantly, oh no I only did London 2 weeks ago, I just want to see if I can run it all, but in my head I was thinks YES – I am going for a PB! I didn’t want to say it out loud in case it didn’t happen.

I calculated that to beat my previous PB of 1:09:16 I would need to average less than 11m 15s per mile, which after yesterdays run I felt was doable. I have blogged about the course before – its 3 laps with a hill in the middle of each lap. I thought as long as I didn’t lose too much time on the hill I would do it.

1st time I hit the hill, it seemed easy! Wow, I thought when I got to the top – did I really used to think that was a hill? Pah!
2nd time I hit the hill, ooh this is a bit harder this time, still, I have my marathon legs on ! I can do this I’ve only run 3 miles and I ran a a marathon 2 weeks ago!
3rd time I hit the hill, oh…my….God…do…they…actually…have…this…on…hydraulics….to…make…it…steeper…each…time?

But I pushed on and for the 1st time ever I ran ALL of a 10k. I also achieved negative splits on the laps for the 1st time in this race, AND got a PB of 1m 42s. I’m chuffed to bits!

Carla Greer Chip Time 01:07:34 Lap 1 00:24:04 Lap 2 00:22:32 Lap 3 00:22:25

It’s now 7.10pm, I’ve had a nap to recuperate and I’m heading out with some friends to officially celebrate my marathon and 10k PB!


7 comments on “Regents Park Summer Series 10k

  • Well, the stats say it all! sub 11 minute miles average 🙂 well done us

    Summary 1:07:37 Avg Pace:10:57

    1 11:12.3 1.00 11:13
    2 10:52.7 1.00 10:53
    3 11:08.1 1.00 11:08
    4 10:43.1 1.00 10:43
    5 11:07.7 1.00 11:08
    6 10:45.9 1.00 10:46
    7 1:52.5 0.19 10:06

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