2 sleeps to go

Published May 30, 2012 by fitflo

The latest batch of antibiotics (the 3rd) seems to have finally cleared the infection up – I woke up without a headache for the first time in 8 weeks on Monday. However, with the countdown to Juneathon beginning, I ‘d already taken a tentative step towards exercising again.

It’s been ages since I last ran, and as I’m crap at running in high temperatures I decided to try a little run on the treadmill we have in our newly refurbished conservatory gym*. After 5 minutes I remembered why I hadn’t used it since the OH set it up 3 months ago. God they are so BORING and HOT and REPETITIVE blah blah blah, I’m sure I don’t need to blather on about the evils of treadmills to you. BUT, I wanted to make sure I could still run without collapsing in a heap, and I can so mission achieved. I felt OK so I switched to a circuit training instead and did 60 minutes which I was v pleased with.

As ever, I’m using an athon to kickstart my weight loss. When I started Janathon 2011 I was a stone heavier than I am now, and was not a runner. 17 months on, I’ve run 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and even a marathon, so I’m proud to call myself a runner. And an athoner, as without the athons and athoners I wouldn’t have done half as much!

My next goal is to get a sub 5 hour marathon which I plan to achieve at the Luton Marathon on the 18th November (actually I don’t have much choice as it has a 5hr finish cut off – eeek!). With the training I’ve done, I don’t think I can get any faster without losing weight, so this is my goal. Lose 2lbs a week, and with 24 weeks til the Marathon, that gives me a weight loss of 48 pounds. According to the runners world calculator each pound of weight loss makes you approx 2 secs per mile faster. So doing a quick calculation a 48 pound loss would make me 96 seconds quicker per mile which means erm…ur… (do I carry the 3 or divide…..) er a…well I reckon at a conservative guess 11 minute miles which is under 5 hours. Luckily, Elaine (my coach from running club) is the race director so she says it’s OK if I go slightly over the 5 hours but I’m determined not to! I met up with her tofay for my first run in 24 days. We plodded around 3.4 miles in 47 minutes. Well, we mostly chatted with the odd burst of running in between really. It was nice – the air had that lovely green sunny smell, and we went round the lanes and only saw a couple of cars and people.

I’ve just realised that fitting in my Juneathon on friday is going to be a challenge – I am working 8am-5pm and have to get home change and get back out quick to catch a train to Leeds at 6.50pm. I might have to break my cardinal rule and get up at 6am or else face the wrath of jogblog for falling at the first hurdle. Bah.

* OK OK I might be stretching the truth, we just put in a treadmill and got some free weigths to go with the york fitness centre we already had.


6 comments on “2 sleeps to go

  • Wow, didn’t realise that Luton has a 5hr cut-off. You two are SO brave. I know you’ll both do it though. xxxxxx If I’m in Spain, I’ll try to come back that week to cheer you on! xxx

  • Well it’s 6.06 now and I was looking for a bit of inspiration and saw your post. Did you make it , hope so. I too need to get up now to get my kit ready so I can get out at lunchtime to the park and try day1 of the my beginners running programme

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