Day Two – Green

Published June 2, 2012 by fitflo

The green in the title refers both to the lushness of our route, and how Fi and I were feeling whilst running it! As is usual when we haven’t seem each other for a while, we sat up drinking and gossiping until 2am this morning, so when we crawled out of our beds at 10.30am running was the last thing on our minds. However I’m really up for running every day this athon, so after striking up a deal with Fi that we would only do half an hour and she could walk when she wanted, we set off.

Fi actually lives halfway up Ilkley Moor, and as she has only recently started running, she doesn’t do hills yet (you can see why we’re friends!) so we drove down to the river to a lovely flat route along paths and roads that followed the river and the golf course.

30 minutes later we’d plodded 2.5m and seen a duck

And a pretty bridge

Well worth getting out of bed for.

Today : 2.5m
Juneathon total: 4.8m


8 comments on “Day Two – Green

  • I’m hungover myself today (rare occurrence these days) and was tempted to stay in bed but now I’m inspired to get out and go for a run while everyone else is at the swimming pool.

    That looks like a lovely place to run. More interesting than our streets.

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