Day Three – Wet

Published June 4, 2012 by fitflo

Once again I start the day a little hungover. Yesterday’s planned bit of 2nd Juneathoning didn’t happen – we ended up driving to the pub and leaving the car there, which gave me the perfect excuse to get out for a slightly longer run this morning.

I headed off with my VLM reject waterproof on (the red one – I know many of you have it) as there was a slight drizzle. The 1st mile was a wonderful downhill which was a great warm up and a sub 10m mile. The rest of the run was flat but about a mile and a half in it started absolutely chucking it down, and I had the old quandary – hood up with the string tied really tightly under my chin threatening to garrotte me, or hood off and soaking wet hair. I started with the former but soon progressed to the latter as I was soaking everywhere else, wet hair wouldn’t make any difference.

It really is a beautiful part of the country to run in – rolling green vistas with sheep dotted everywhere, rushing rivers and of course the spectacular moors. However for today’s photos I took inspiration from Cassie who is looking for certain treasures. I gave her milestones as you just don’t see them down south and I love the idea of them all these little markers telling people how far they have left to walk to work, or home or whatever. Anyway, as I was up norf I kept an eye out for some and look what I found!

And this one actually built into a wall – how cool!


Today: 4m
Juneathon total: 8.8m


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