Day Seven – Inspired

Published June 7, 2012 by fitflo

I was sitting on my sofa at 8.15pm, having blown off running training because I couldn’t be arsed it was wet and I was tired. I’d eaten a big boy portion of cottage pie for dinner – a staggering 650 cals worth and was feeling full and sleepy.

Then the magic of Juneathon happened.

I read a few blogs. This one, this one and this one.

I read this comment Shaz had left me on yesterdays blog.

And I thought, you know what, Juneathon is all about doing something you wouldn’t normally do, pushing yourself to exercise when perhaps you may not fancy it. So before I could change my mind I pulled on my trainers and went into the conservatory (well I wasn’t THAT silly – I didn’t want to get wet!) and I did 3m on the dreadmill. I did 6 x 250m splits at 10m mile pace (the fastest the treadmill goes) with some run/walking in between and I felt bloody great afterwards. So much so, I’ve just spent the last hour and a half cleaning out the fridges (I have one for drinks and one for food!), and my cupboards and throwing away all out of date and way too bad for me food. If I hadn’t have been inspired by those Juneathoners I’d have just vegged on the sofa for the whole night. Instead I burned off an extra 600 calories. Hurrah for Juneathon! Hurrah for fab Juneathoners!


Todays: 3m

Total: 14.2m


Total: 2.5m


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