Day 11 – Dinner

Published June 11, 2012 by fitflo

I had a hectic day at work and had to grab lunch on the run, so by the time I got home I’d eaten all my calories for the day. The only way I could eat dinner (and stick to my calorie plan for the day) was if I ran for it.

I considered not eating anything for all of about oooooh 30 seconds, but I’m just not a person who can skip meals. Yes, I’d rather go out for 45 minutes in the pouring rain (which earnt 762 cals!) than go without food. Perhaps this is why I am overweight…

It was wet and cold but ultimately a great stress reliever. For those that are interested I spent my calories on a chicken salad followed by a bowl of fruit with Rachels Organic Coconut Greek Style yoghurt (my new obsession) and honey toasted almonds. Well worth the run.


Today: 4.2m

Total: 25.5m

Gym: 40 mins

Swim: 0.5m

Walking: 2.5m


9 comments on “Day 11 – Dinner

  • I am doing the same sort of idea with my Juneathon as when I ran the Edinburgh marathon I put on 2 stone as was so hungry and felt I deserved it. So far so good. I love my food.

  • Oooooh, I was drawn in by that yoghurt when I was grazing in the supermarket fridges other day but stayed strong. And I don’t trust anyone that says that they “forgot to eat” (this is probably why I am also overweight).

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