Days 12 & 13 – Oops

Published June 13, 2012 by fitflo

I COMPLETELY forgot about Juneathon yesterday. I worked until 8pm and when I got home we were doing some fun prep for OH parents 50th wedding anniversary party on Saturday (can’t divulge details as his Mum reads this – hi Eileen!). Before I knew it, it was midnight and I hadn’t exercised. Oops.

I made up for it today by doing a gym session of 2 halves. 1st half was speedwork on the treadmill – 8 x 400m at 55 seconds quicker than my 10k time which I worked out to be 10m miles (10kph) with 200m rest intervals at a very slow jog (7kph). Rounded it up to 5k just because.


Followed it up with 30 mins strength – legs, arms and core work. The highlight of my session was that as I was stretching Billy Schwer (a local boxer – now retired) came and stretched next to me.

I was hoping to run 100 miles this month, I’ve just worked out I need to run an average of 4.2m everyday to achieve that. Gulp.


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