Day 14 – Cold

Published June 14, 2012 by fitflo

It’s the middle of June, yet tonight I ran in long running tights, a long sleeve top, a waterproof and a baseball cap, and I still wished I’d picked up my gloves!

The plan called for a 5m tempo run tonight at my 10k pace +15-20 seconds, so around the 11m30 mark. Ijoined 3 older ladies from running club, Pam, Wanda and Judy, who are excellent pacemakers for an 11m mile road running. We went cross country so I got to do a tempo session AND a trail practice all in one – aces! Other than the last mile which was very steep and muddy so therefore slowed us down, we kept the pace at a steady 11m30 – not bad for a hilly trail run on a Thursday night.

I also signed up for a 10k trail run next Sunday (link here), which is in the grounds of a private house just outside Watford. I’ve looked on google maps as it said it was undulating, and it does indeed look hilly, however it is all good practice and it actually looks like it”s going to be quite scenic, as long as it’s not too wet! I really don’t know what other practice I should be getting in for TR24 other than doing trail runs when I can. Any ideas anyone?

I’m sorry if I normally comment on your blog and haven’t yet this week. I’ve been really busy at work, but am planning a catch up tomorrow whilst watching Englands Euro game…well I need to do something to keep me awake!


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