Day 16 – Struggling

Published June 16, 2012 by fitflo

I ran with a (hopefully) new running buddy today. We met just before the marathon, the physio I was going to left to have a baby and Karen took over. We bonded over a love of running, and finally got together for a run today. I always had a suspicion that she was a bit quicker than she said, and today proved that! We were trucking along at 11m miles and I felt I was holding her back (though she was lovely and didn’t say anything).

I wasn’t a very good running buddy, I struggled on the up hills, took 3 walk breaks, and was breathing like a donkey, Karen kept having to double back and catch up! I don’t know what’s happened the last 2 runs, I’ve felt like I’m just starting out again – my legs are heavy and my breathing laboured. But, I carried on and once the 4 miles were over felt much better! She was great though, much better than she thinks she is, she ran the whole way including up 2 horrible hills.

My inlaws are celebrating 50 years of marriage today by having a proper party tonight with all their family, my family and lots of friends. I love a family do – it’s a chance to get your gladrags on and boogie the night away whilst eating mini quiches and and drinking multicoloured alcoholic fizzy drinks! I bought a new pair of shoes which I may well blog a piccy of tomorrow just to prove I can do girly. Chances are I will have a hangover tomorrow, which will mean either  a fast early run whilst still drunk (my speciality) or a token mile at about 9pm…oooh are you excited to find out which it’ll be??


Today: 4m

Total: 37.7m

Gym: 1h 20m

Swim: 0.5m

Walking: 2.5m



3 comments on “Day 16 – Struggling

  • Wondering what run you managed today. I had the same experience with a colleague recently. She managed to talk the whole way round and all I could do was wheeze. Pushed me though. Sometimes a good way of getting faster.

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